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Be Proactive.
Priotize Prevention.

Prevent cavities to improve health and lower costs.


Easy Cavity Prevention
What are Sealants?

Another way you can prevent your child from getting cavities is by requesting your children's dentist near me or your Medicaid dentist for sealants. Sealants are the most effective way to prevent cavities, not only because they protect teeth against plaque buildup and cavities but also because they are pain-free and budget-friendly. Sealants create a protective layer that keeps teeth cavity-free. A pediatric dentist or dental hygienist will apply a thin coat of sealant that covers the top of the teeth and flow down the deep crevices.

What are Cavities?

Sealants dry and harden immediately and require no aftercare. Children can get the procedure done in a comfortable environment and get right back to going about their normal fun activities. Sealants result in major cost savings by reducing the chances of kids getting cavities by up to 80%, which means that your kid requiring invasive and expensive dental services like fillings is considerably reduced. 

Kids love Sealants!

Getting sealants is an easy and fun way to optimize dental care and prevent the discomfort of having cavities, which must be taken care of through more expensive and invasive dental procedures. Look for a pediatric dentist in the South Bay that prioritizes prevention and will provide sealant services.

Who Gets Cavities?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that over half of all children between the ages of 6 and 8 years have at least one cavity in their teeth, requiring them to see a pediatric dentist. Furthermore, by the time they are adults, 90% have experienced cavities. Cavities can give rise to more severe dental problems, such as severe toothache and infections.

What are Cavities?

Cavities are, simply put, tooth decay. Our teeth are hard and have a shiny outer covering of enamel on them. Cavities occur when there is damage to the tooth's surface resulting in the development of tiny holes. These holes, when left untreated, can cause toothache and damage the deeper layers of the tooth as well. Proper dental hygiene can help prevent cavities. 

Preventive Oral Hygiene

Ideally, good dental hygiene and regular visits to the pediatric dentist can help prevent kids from getting cavities. Brushing the teeth twice a day and regular flossing, along with periodic deep cleaning by a kids' dentist, gets rid of the bacteria that causes plaque to develop and subsequently leads to cavities. Great dental hygiene combined with healthy eating habits is key to preventing cavities. It is, however, very difficult since so many foods are full of sugars that encourage cavities. As a parent, it is important to find a kids' dentist near you as soon as your children are old enough to eat solid food.

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