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We make healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

Start your child off right. Let us help with achieving great oral health.
Brushing Teeth
The Foundation of Great Oral Health

Kids who have a dental home and receive regular exams and cleanings grow up with stronger, healthier teeth. Healthy baby teeth pave the way for strong adult teeth. Children grow up quickly and so do their teeth! It is important to visit every 6 months so that your child's dentist can help prevent any problems from developing and catch small cavities before they become big problems. 

Its a Team Effort

We are your teammates! Our doctors and staff are here to help make oral hygiene at home easier and save you time and stress. Regular exams and cleanings will allow us to guide your child and help them take the right steps at home to have fewer visits to the dentist for cavities.

Dental Exams for Cavity Prevention

Children who have regular exams and cleanings have a head start to a lifetime of good oral health. Kids smiles are constantly changing and growing, so it’s important to come see us every six months – your child’s dentist will help catch any problems before they develop, and you’ll save on dental care in the long run.

Oral exams are an important part of your child’s health and an essential part of cavity prevention. They help us determine the state of a patient’s oral health and alert us to serious problems that should be addressed immediately. When we examine a patient,  we evaluate how they can better care for their teeth and gums, as well as what steps they can take to prevent disease and decay. Maintaining a regular schedule of examinations can help to catch any problems while they are small and easy to fix.

Dental plaque is contains high levels of bacteria that live on the surface of the teeth. These bacteria cause cavities in baby teeth and adult teeth as well as gum disease. Even with great brushing at home, plaque and bacteria on teeth remain on teeth. Regular dental cleanings will remove the long-term plaque that is most harmful for causing teeth decay.

As caring and specialized pediatric dentists in the South Bay , we’re committed to ensuring that our patients get the essential preventative care they need to grow up with bright, happy and healthy smiles. We proudly serve patients from throughout the Los Angeles area, including Torrance, Harbor City, Gardena, Lomita, Wilmington, San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Carson and other local areas!

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